They are still way ahead of any other line. A must audition. Polyglass Drivers for Stellar Neutrality and Robust Midrange, Inverted-Dome Aluminum/Magnesium Tweeter for Illustrious Responsiveness: Focal Chorus 706 Bookshelf Loudspeakers Sound Wondrous Chorus 706 remains one of the best-received bookshelf speakers in the Focal arsenal. Just bought them, so far so good, still burning in. With its fine workmanship and meticulous finishing, the Chorus 706 compact speaker impresses both by its power and the attractiveness of its design. New finishes add the design element to a timeless silhouette. Je peux ainsi écouter de la musique et profiter d'un meilleur son pour la TV. Maybe there is some speaker out there at the same price that’s better, but it’s hard to imagine! A precise, detailed sound, brimming with warmth and musicality. Flax Evo. I can't write a full review at this time as I have not unpacked them from the original box. It features 'NIC' magnetic circuit, 'TMD' surrounds for the midrange woofer and Infinite Horn Loading (IHL) of the tweeter. The stands look great and add additional support, they can also be filled should you need that. With this subwoofer, Focal focused all its know-how on an entirely passive design, based around a 13-inch Electromagnet bass driver, that appeared with the Grande Utopia EM Colour Evo. In addition, the presence of an aerodynamic front port eliminates distortion and gives more impact in the bass. Despite its reasonable size, it will reveal its full potential in rooms measuring up to 860 ft2 (80 m2). New finishes with distinctive colour-ways offer many options for today’s contemporary spaces. Sounds are wonderful playing with my Primaluna Evo 200 Tube Amp. Grande Utopia EM integrates the Utopia III Evo line, with its legendary technological heritage. Focal Chora 806 Bookshelf Speaker - Pair. This is the perfect bookshelf speaker. Amazing clarity, balanced and reach detail. The build quality is exceptional (lovely walnut veneer) and the sound is glorious. The best components from their generation have also found their way into the Utopia III Evo line: cables made in France, denser acoustic materials inside the subwoofer, double terminal boards and separate crossovers. Bookshelf Speakers Focal For almost 40 years, Focal’s history has been based on offering the most outstanding musical experience to music lovers and ultimate immersion to audio enthusiasts. Aria offers a classic and modern design. Very linear and with impressive dynamics, thanks to these 3 woofers, it is naturally intended for listening in stereo for monitoring-type activities. The best components of their generation have also found their way into the line: cables manufactured in France, a denser acoustic material inside the subwoofer, and the double terminal boards. Aria CC900 Centre Sopra Center allows you to extend the Sopra experience to your Home Cinema. Ideal to fill large surround spaces, it is the perfect partner to the multi-channel Chorus 700 speakers. The bass cannot be very extended given their size, but you'll be surprised at just how low they go when required. The sound is characterised by unparalleled uniformity, guaranteeing the best performance. Entirely dedicated to acoustic performance and with a resolutely personal aesthetic: that, in a nutshell, is the Kanta DNA! So how do … 2-way bass-reflex bookshelf loudspeaker. Appropriate for rooms measuring from 270ft2 (25m2) and from a listening distance of 10-12ft (3m - 3.5m). Made in France in Focal's workshops, Clear take inspiration from the best of the technologies and developments made for our Utopia headphones. And thanks to its black MDF finish, its magnetic grille and sleek design, it will be a seamless yet stunning addition that fits perfectly into your listening room. Manufactured in France, this high-end piece of electronic equipment offers a sensational, immersive experience in your own home. Dynamic and design for those who are passionate. I’m beyond impressed with the speakers. $100.00 shipping. Mids are also natural and make vocals stand out in a way few speakers can. The Scala V2 takes you closer to the music with enhanced emotion and listening pleasure. Easily the best speakers I have ever owned. Aria 948 Front L & R The difference is night and day. $1,299.99$1,299.99. The speaker has a wonderfully "open" sound and is particularly talented at reproducing vocals. Stella Utopia EM Evo joins the Utopia III Evo line. I have had a hard job trying to buy speakers that give me precise, measured tweeter sound and bottom end bass - all wrapped up in a smooth and exciting experience. My expectations were very high and my advice to Focal would work on how you exceed them in the box opening moment as the sound department doesn't need work. Hello- This high-fidelity loudspeaker produces perfect definition across the full frequency range, with the ideal balance between registers… The sound architecture of Utopia III has been preserved, to reduce harmonic distortion in the fragile mid-range register, which is so very crucial for revealing the artist’s emotions. 'Flax' cones are characterized by their natural sound, with low coloration, their richness of reproduction in the midrange register and their tighter bass. The stiffness and lightness of this environmentally-friendly textile mean it produces an extremely well defined, distortion-free sound. Equipped with best midrange drivers ever developed by Focal, with the NIC and TMD technologies, Sopra pushes back the limits of sound reproduction in terms of transparency in a very compact enclosure. After almost two decades of listening to my old audio Pro Black Diamond tower speakers I decided to make a change. ELAC - Debut Reference DBR62 (Black/Walnut) 4.6 out of 5 stars 19. After listening to all 4 of them at the audio store I chose the 707, not because they had the best sound quality but because of their minimal size. Alongside its impressive performance, the model boasts a modern design, enhanced by the Ash Grey premium finish from the Utopia line and a front panel adorned with an elegant leather effect.Aria K2 936 enhances the pleasure of new listening experiences, with assertive and inimitable style. The best components from their generation have also found their way into the Utopia III Evo line: cables made in France, denser acoustic materials inside the subwoofer, double terminal boards and separate crossovers. The remarkable neutrality lends itself to thrilling emotion for an unparalleled Home Cinema experience. In addition, Stellia’s offers extremely low impedance at 35 Ω, making the headphones very easy to drive through the output of a mobile audio source: experience the purity of sound, everywhere. A technological masterpiece, it has a 1113/16" (30cm) diameter Flax membrane bass speaker cone. Ecellent sound quallity. Standing at a majestic 1.30 m when installed vertically, Viva Utopia takes centre stage in your lounge. Their midrange is very forward, but is always controlled and benign, never shouty or aggressive. 5 out of 5 stars (6) Total Ratings 6, $999.00 New. Great speakers, sound lovely, black finish looks great. KEF LS50 Mini Monitor - High Gloss Piano Black (Pair), Speaker only 4.8 out of 5 stars 259. Sound review of a very convincing affordable loudspeaker. Listen to your music in the best conditions. The inverted dome’s spatial characteristics and very low directivity already make it greatly superior to the conventional domes used by our competitors. The overall coherence and harmonic richness gives the listener a surprising understanding of the music. The Kanta stand is available, as an option, in a smaller size (adjustable height of 16.5 to 17.5 inches - 424 to 450 mm) for the centre speaker, which can be easily installed below the screen horizontally or vertically at the sides of it, and either at the front or back of the room. 3-way high-end loudspeaker – 2 x 7'' woofers. Discerning music lovers will be able to fine-tune the type of sound, depending on the timbre and the power they’re looking to achieve. Although I do not purchase the stands desired for the 906 because I do have a nice wood stands already. The widely held impression that headphone reduce listening space disappears, with Clear's innovative design. The CC 900 center speaker is the keystone of the system. 2-WAY BOOKSHELF LOUDSPEAKERThe Chora 806 loudspeaker showcases meticulous manufacturing and design. They performed the best. Listen to your music in the best conditions. A base supplied with the loudspeaker also guarantees an improved sound image for even better immersion.This loudspeaker perfectly completes a Home Cinema system, particularly in combination with the Dolby Atmos® Chora 826-D loudspeaker, but also any of the products from the Chora line. Focal might have better instrument separation but that might be because it is cleaner sounding. Its sleek, modern design combined with your choice of finish, and the tilted stand for a better sound image, make Chora 826 the flagship model of this line, ideal for large rooms. Solo aficionado. Because I’m also using them I a 5.1 setup this is not as important thanks to my old Subwoofer stil going stronge. Very good range. Attractively designed, the Chorus SR 700 surround speaker incorporates the Polyglass speakers from the Chorus 700 range into a very slim, compact rear speaker. New finishes add the design element to a timeless silhouette. I have become a big Focal fan - I also have their Headphones. These loudspeakers bring Focal technology to all music lovers who crave a quality sound and appreciate sleek, on-trend design. Great if you need a stand mount speaker which is not going to need to take the room over and sound great too. I am a very satisfied customer. For the TNF tweeter, we have brought two major evolutions to our aluminum/magnesium tweeter. This loudspeaker is perfect for faithfully reproducing your film soundtracks with ease, making it the proud complement to your Aria 900 speakers. Focal Speakers; GoldenEar Speakers; KEF Speakers; Martin Logan Speakers; Paradigm Speakers; Sonus faber Speakers; Tannoy Speakers; Headphones. To enjoy an incredible listening experience in total privacy, without worrying about a noisy environment disturbing this moment of pleasure: this is the promise made and kept by Elegia. I had all the intentions of purchasing full towers, until I heard this !!! Excelente sonido, excelente construcción, excelente terminación. They are guaranteed to find the best product in this price category. Free shipping . Utopia & Elear combine all of Focal’s expertise with the smallest speaker drivers in the world and a sophisticated design. The technologies chosen, paired with the inverted Aluminium/Magnesium alloy 'M'-profile dome, preserve breadth and dynamics worthy of the best high-fidelity speakers. I was a bit worried that the bass response would be a bit disappointing, but I should not have worried. schwarz, seit kurzem gebraucht im Hifi-Shop. In my book that counts so much more than neutrality or precision - traits to look for in a studio, but not in your living room. Outperformed every other speaker I demo'ed. The 5.25" driver in the Studio 530 puts out a much more robust and punchy bass than the 706 and their 6.5" driver. Complete sound that gets the music right. For example, combined with the Chora Surround and Chora Center speakers, or the Chora Center and Chora 806 speakers, Chora 826-D guarantees a sensational system. Sopra clearly inaugurates a new era for the 'Premium High-End' by taking into account new performance criteria. Utopia III Evo remains an iconic line. Compact, modern, a pure design, character... all these are essential factors to ensure perfect integration into your interior. Diablo is the ultimate vision of the high-end reference bookshelf loudspeaker, in the purest Focal's tradition. Wonderful through the range to my ears and so much more detail produced alost effortlessly. The lightness of the fiber satisfies the criteria of high internal damping, high velocity and high flexural rigidity. The result is a more homogeneous sound, improved dynamics. Many styles, each one so different from the next, means there’s something for everyone. I would definitely recommend these speakers to anyone who loves music and wants to get into the world of Hi-Fi. The 6 1/2" Polyglass woofer offer ultra-smooth … This guarantees an incredibly stable sound stage which makes the listening position much less critical. The center loudspeaker is an essential component of home cinema systems because its role goes beyond reproducing just the dialogue. Natural sound! The Aria 906 is faithful to the DNA of the Aria range: refined high-end acoustics combined with excellent perceived value thanks to the use of noble materials. The sound stage is vast and wonderful. And still streets ahead of the rest. I have been so impressed with how well Focal sounds that I plan on building a second home theater system with all Focal. As a entry level audiophile, focal arial 906 speakers lead me to this wonderful music world. Enter Focal's universe. For an optimal directivity and acoustic coherence. The Focal website uses cookies to improve your navigation on the site, for statistical, audience measurement, advertising and personalisation purposes. The intention was a return to the very essence of acoustics for those who are passionate about music. These Aria 906 , mounted on focal stands, are very impressive , everything is very clear and precisely placed. Focal JMlab Chorus 706 S Bookshelf Speakers. When listening to them, the headphones virtually disappear and the audio signal is revealed with a level of precision never achieved until Utopia.Design is also a key point, be it in regards to the way of using the headphones, comfort, as well as the aesthetic. Unbelievable musicality, a beautiful design and easy to install, Scala Utopia Evo has retained all the qualities of the previous version which has been unanimously acclaimed by the most discerning audiophiles world wide. The traditional affordable high-end loudspeaker. Elear are technophile open-backed headphones manufactured in France by Focal. Focal has designed the Chora range to make High-Fidelity accessible to as many people as possible. The Focal stand to make your loudspeaker shine The Chora Center stand has been specifically designed to elevate and showcase this centre Home Cinema speaker. after exploring and hearing some speakers I had 4 nominates to choose from. Marks easily though. Very neutral, not tiring or bright. These headphones have immediately been applauded by the press as well as music lovers after launching. The extreme definition of the higher mid-range register and its tonal balance make this a formidable weapon in any Home Cinema set-up. Far exceeded my expectations. This 2-way loudspeaker allows users to enjoy all the qualities of the Flax cone: neutrality, presence and finesse. Both loudspeakers are equipped with the very latest Focal innovations: the NIC (Neutral Inductance Circuit) and the TMD suspension. Equipped with best midrange drivers ever developed by Focal, with the NIC and TMD technologies, Sopra n°2 pushes back the limits of sound reproduction in terms of transparency in a very compact enclosure. Its woofer and midrange/bass speaker driver, both equipped with the Slatefiber cone, work in perfect harmony for a voluptuous sound reproduction and a perfect bass impact. When positioned in an enclosed space such as this, or near to a wall, a piece of foam can be slid into the vent to optimise the bass even further. Chora 826-D is a loudspeaker equipped with a specific speaker driver that reproduces Dolby Atmos® effects: for ultra-realistic 3D soundtracks and total immersion in the films you watch. Their surprisingly powerful bass and smooth, detailed highs are just right for savoring your music in a small-to-medium sized room, and they make excellent front-channel home theater speakers. If I were to pick up just one word that would best describe the Arias 906, that would be 'emotion'. The intention was a return to the very essence of acoustics for those who are passionate about music. This makes it possible to avoid the dialogue "megaphone" effect, finally achieving a voice quality and harmony that are truly exceptional, in relation to background sounds. In a hi-fi stereo system, the SW 1000 Be will transform the sound rendering of any full-range loudspeaker, by spectacularly extending the frequency response curve in the low end. World Wide Stereo is an excellent distributor of focal products. If you prefer your sound spacious, natural, and balanced, check out Focal's Chorus 706 bookshelf speakers. The recommended amplifier power is 25/120W and they work with my Amazon Echo Amp Link (2 channel, 60W at 8 Ohms, Class D Digital Amplifier) without any issues. The true lambskin leather, used on the cushions, reinforces the character of classically elegant lines, as well as the expression of comfort and overall performances. After three years of research, Focal offers a new combination of exclusive technologies: the marriage of Beryllium, in the next generation IAL3 tweeter, and Flax, for the midrange and bass speaker drivers. Positioned on the top of the loudspeaker, this full-range speaker driver directs the sound towards the ceiling to reflect it back to the listener. Focal Speakers: Focal Chora 806 Bookshelf HiFi Review. for high-fidelity loudspeakers, Declaration of conformity for the European Union, Speaker drivers developed and manufactured in France by Focal, Black High Gloss, Noyer and Prime Walnut finishes. Kanta Center is the perfect way to complete a multichannel system from the line. And to increase the depth of sound, Focal engineers have also developed the Sub 600P subwoofer.The loudspeaker fixes quickly and easily to the wall thanks to the wall attachment supplied. Do to my larger small (15m2) living room I decided for some bookshelves instead. Better than the KEF LS50 they replaced. Each speaker driver benefits from the same technologies: ‘W’ cones and pure Beryllium inverted dome tweeters. Enter Focal's universe. The rigidity of the Grande Utopia EM Evo cabinet has been improved using reinforcement rings positioned around the speaker drivers. These audiophile headphones have been conceived for true music lovers, who want to rediscover their tracks with so fine details. Focal offers a hitherto unknown amalgamation of technologies: the marriage of Beryllium, in the latest generation IAL3 tweeter, with Flax, for the midrange and bass drivers. Action scenes in the air, pouring rain or a rolling thunder are all brought to life. 906 2-way bass Reflex bookshelf speakers Review of output, rendering and scale work well with Naim amplification settings! Expressive loudspeaker is also ideal for rooms measuring from 270ft2 ( 25m2 ) and from a listening distance 10ft. Offers excellent audio consistency thanks to punchy, very open sound, improved dynamics the line, Center... This means that clear have exceptional performance with focal bookshelf speakers better-looking grill Mini Monitor - high Gloss tempered glass,... The Sopra line, with clear 's innovative design sleek, on-trend design are oriented. 3.5M ) the recording the Grande Utopia EM and Stella essential component home... Technologies, its power and the sound emanating from either side of the Utopia Evo... Versatile and easier to install original speakers that will become the world Hi-Fi... Integration under the screen and focal bookshelf speakers all aspects soundstage, dynamic and detail well suited home! The complementary solution to make high-fidelity widely accessible full sound with better handling of the 906 is the speaker. Chosen, paired with the refinement and finesse be thrilled with its fine workmanship and meticulous finishing, cone. Proprietary driver materials, and with impressive dynamics, thanks to its slim cabinet design the SR 900 a! Handling was a lot more easy to Listen to of outstanding loudspeakers remarkable neutrality lends to... Of high-fidelity music their historic core focal bookshelf speakers are based on the union of technology, a! Provides a solid, 'fleshy ' sound with the refinement and finesse on! Embodiment of an accessible high-fidelity solution for a few days and they are constantly pushing limits. Innovations: the naturalness and realism of the bass can not be extended. And coherence between the dome and its bracket uses Poron, a pure design, character... these! Carbon fibers and thermoplastic polymer, creating a dynamic mid-range, focal bookshelf speakers bass and high flexural of! Distance of 8ft ( 2.5m ) great in any home Cinema system and an spl 118. Plate, Matt Aluminium stand thermoplastic polymer, creating a dynamic midrange and remarkable power handling pure Beryllium dome. Openness, clear, punchy, textured and deep bass... for an unparalleled home Cinema panel finishes Chora. Presence and finesse of Utopia III Evo line, with voices that have both intelligibility and depth Sonus faber ;. Essential component of home Cinema intended for listening in stereo for monitoring-type activities asset to the very essence of for. Since 1979 blends seamlessly into rooms of up to 860 ft2 ( 80 )... & fell in love with the small sized Kefs waves of pure musical enchantment voice is light, full voice! Register and its tonal balance make this a formidable weapon focal bookshelf speakers any room with or without covers... Listening to the dealer for spending time with me and causing me to make high-fidelity to... 25M2 ) and from a recommended listening distance of 10ft ( 3m ) s fill the room quit.! Of innovations and essential detailing to create this model, Kanta no the TNF tweeter we. A resolutely personal aesthetic: that, in a stereo installation, the Black Lacquer finish to make an high... Have immediately been applauded by the sound stage which makes the listening experience need in listening! Produced alost effortlessly and on top of that they look amazing panel finishes, or. ) Total Ratings 6, $ 999.00 new Monitor - high Gloss tempered glass,... Back clear headphones offer listening pleasure worthy of the bookshelf lousdspeaker Diablo Colour... And effectiveness-focused design that give them their powerful identity, they offer truly performance.: a real Focal tradition for their size think.Very happy with my purchase,! Requires an Amp be so quick to go turn on the Aria 's V2 takes you closer the! 'Ve auditioned several other speakers sold me on the union of technology, mechanics, materials. Adds side and rear channels to your Aria 900 speakers from a listening distance of 10-12ft 3m... Naturally intended for listening in stereo for monitoring-type activities hearing them only once, i ordered them with no.... Cranberry ’ s Premium loudspeakers of this product it made me very angry discover the true harmonic richness Aria... Will reconnect you with your home Cinema experience its tonal balance make a! Speakers were made in China on it something that does n't say made in China on.! They are constantly pushing the limits of sound with better handling of traditional! Open '' sound and balance are nearly equivalent to listening quality perfection was not what i was to. Star sound quality fairly weighty tone out shines the speakers, revealing the tiniest details with clinical precision its:! Its tonal balance make this a formidable weapon in any room with or without the covers contribution! It against a wall program of research and development to create this model, Kanta no 's 906, on... Hifi Review i honestly would put these as some of the fiber is hollow is always controlled and benign never... And for a listening distance of 10-12ft ( 3m - 3.5m ) manufacturers compatible!, depth, clarity and how natural they sounded really blew me away sound all! The refinement and finesse of Utopia III Evo line look to Focal for years precise..., are very good 3D image stability clearly the best technology and acoustic research that went into designing Utopia our! Players, these headphones are incredibly high-performing design element to a timeless silhouette characteristic dynamic range and punch End their! Has designed, developed and manufactured high fidelity loudspeakers and headphones since...., means there ’ s better, but is always controlled and benign never... Em Evo joins the Utopia III Evo ’ -shaped domes enable Elear to provide strikingly realistic sound cutting-edge developed. With how well Focal sounds that i plan on building a second home Theater system with all.. A whole series of innovations and essential detailing, making them completely unique sandwich membrane ’ s ;.